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Brean Down

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Author: Unknown

Authority: Richard Wright


Keywords: caricula


Irregular rectangle cut from sheet lead, 85 by 57 mm, found(FN1) in c. 1980 on the beach below the site of the Roman temple(FN2). After being inscribed on one side, it was folded upon itself twice, the three folds thus caused and other surface corrosion much damaging the text. The writing is New Roman Cursive probably of fourth-century date. A deity is being addressed, perhaps as domina, which would imply a goddess. A thief is being cursed in formulas found in other British curse tablets. Damage makes much of the text uncertain. It is difficult to distinguish A, N, and V. There are at least two copying errors, which were corrected, and probably others (see Commentary), but the state of the text makes this difficult to determine.

(FN1) By Mr J. Hull with a metal-detector. He has given it to the Woodspring Museum, Weston-super-Mare, where Jane Evans made it available to RSOT.

(FN2) Information from Mr Hull. No tablets were found when the temple was excavated . Of unknown dedication, it was built c. 340 and demolished c. 390:A.M. ApSimon, Proceedings of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society 10, No. 3 (1965), 195-258.These dates and the handwriting of the tablet, whose closest parallel among the Bath curse tablets is RIB 2349 fit together.

n 1 . . .
n 2 caricula quae[c.6 si s]er-
3 (v)u[s si] liber si ba[ro] s[i muli]er
n 4 qui  . . .  [d?]omin-
n 5 a  . . .  facias
6 sic [i]lla (re)dim[a]t sa(n)guin[e s]uo lier
n 7 . . .  si bar[o] si mu-
n 8 . . .

1 ..[c.2][c.5].[.]..b.[. . .]
2 cariculaquae[c.3]. [c.5]er
3 u[. .].libersiba [..]s.[c.4]er
4 quiue.aut[.]eus[c.3] .omin (c)
5 a[c.3]eama (over d)e.disamfacias
6  sic[.]lladim[.]tsaguin..uolier
7 e. .an(over en)tiss[c.2].sibar[.]simu
8 [.]n..[.]b[]


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[. . . I give to you] the caricula which [I have lost. Whether] slave or free, whether man or [woman] who . . Lady, (?) . . . you are to make redeem(?) them thus with his own blood . . .whether man or woman . . .