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Author: Unspec.

Authority: R. Collingwood, Richard Wright, Roger Tomlin

Publications: JRS xvii (1927) 216; xxi (1931) 248; Collingwood Archaeologia lxxv

Keywords: cloak, boots


Leaden plate, 3 1/2 x 3 in.; the left-hand ansate projection has broken off. It has two nail-holes for attachment. Found in 1927 in the northern part of the arena of the Amphitheatre at Caerleon. Now in Caerleon Museum.

1 Dom(i)na Ne
2 mesis do ti
3 bi palleum
4 et galliculas
5 qui tulit non
6 redimat nisi)
7 u[i]ta sanguine
8 sua



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Lady Nemesis, I give thee a cloak and a pair of boots; let him who wore them not redeem them except with his life and blood.