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 Latin text
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Author: Muconius

Authority: Roger Tomlin


Keywords: money


Rectangle, 84 by 128 mm, cut from sheet lead c. 1 mm thick, found in 1982 rolled up on the foreshore(FN1). It is inscribed with nineteen lines of fourth-century cursive writing. Corrosion has damaged the top and bottom right-hand corners, and there is a cut apparently original at the end of lines 10-12, but overall the text is well-preserved(FN2).

(FN1) By Norman Owen with a metal detector, who sold it to Hampshire County Museums and provided details. The tablet is now in Fareham Museum, where David Allen and Kay Ainsworth made it available.

(FN2) For these New Roman Cursive letter-forms see Tab. Sulis, p. 94. The scribe wrote both forms of E and, exceptionally, K in line 8. He separated words by means of a space or by extending final S or T. He made transcription errors which are noted below, e.g. tb diio (2) for tibi dono.

n 1 domine Neptune,
n 2 t(i)b(i) d(o)no (h)ominem qui
n 3 (solidum) involav[it] Mu-
n 4 coni et argenti[olo]s
n 5 sex. ide(o) dono nomi(n)a
n 6 qui decepit, si mascel si
7 femina, si puuer si puue-
n 8 lla. ideo dono tibi, Niske,
9 et Neptuno vitam, vali-
10 tudinem, sanguem eius
11 qui conscius fueris eius
n 12 deceptionis. animus
13 qui hoc involavit et
14 qui conscius fuerit ut
15 eum decipias. furem
16 qui hoc involavit sanguem
n 17 eiius consumas et de-
18 cipias, domin[e] Ne[p]-
19 tune.

1 domine neptune
2 tb diioominemqui
3 2-3 ldmu inuolau[2-3]mu
4 coni etargenti[2-3]s
5 sexide dono nomia
6 quidecepit simascel si
7 feminasipuuer sipuue
8 llaideodonotibiniske
9 et neptuno uitamuali
10 tudinem sanguem eius
11 qui conscius fueriseius
12 deceptionisanimus
13 qui hoc inuolauit et
14 quiconsciusfuerit ut
15 eum decipiasfurem
16 qui hocinuolauit sanguem
17 eiius consumas etde
18     cipias domiin[.] ne[.]
19              tune


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Lord Neptune, I give you the man who has stolen the solidus and six argentioli of Muconius. So I give the names who took them away, whether male or female, whether boy or girl. So I give you, Niskus, and to Neptune the life, health, blood of him who has been privy to that taking-away. The mind which stole this and which has been privy to it, may you take it away. The thief who stole this, may you consume his blood and take it away, Lord Neptune.