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Leintwardine A

 Latin text
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Author: Unspec.

Authority: Richard Wright




A sheet of lead, 3 4/5 in. by 2 1/4 in. by 1/12 in., found(FN1) in 1964 in the fort bath-house at Leintwardine with Leintwardine-2. A list of names(FN2) has been cut. It is not clear why this list was cut; it is not a curse (‘defixio’). It may have served as a writing exercise, though frequently this was done on tiles before firing.

FN1 Mr. S.C. Stanford sent them for study; drawn by the present writer. They came from the silt of a small drain in the ‘frigidarium’.

FN2 These names have been carefully cut in an alphabet with two unusual features. The middle stroke of each E runs diagonally and when the letter S terminates a name its tail has been emphasized by cutting a horizontal stroke towards the right. The sheet of lead seems to be complete, although in l. 4 the final letter of Maslorius has been lost in damage. In l. 6 there are either two or three names. The names Carinus, Similis, Comes, Senorix and Tiberinus are known,  but the rest seem to be unmatched.

1 Carinus
2 Similis
3 Consortius
4 Comes Masloriu[s]
5 Senorix Cunittus
6 Cunittus Cunedecanes
7 Ceanatis Tiberin[us].



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