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Author: Silvianus

Authority: R. Collingwood, Richard Wright, Jim Adams

Publications: CIL vii 140, p. 306; Wünsch Corpus Inscriptionum Atticarum (=Insc

Keywords: gold ring


Leaden plate,  2 1/2 x 3 1/8 in., found in, or before, 1817 at Lydney Park. Now at Lydney Park, Glos. Drawn by R. E. M. Wheeler, collated by R. G. C., 1928. Reproduced from Lydney Report, by courtesy of the Society of Antiquaries.

For a discussion of the possibility that this Senicianus was the Senicianus whose name is inscribed on a gold ring (CIL vii 1305) found at Silchester see Haverfield VCH Hants i 283 (contra); Goodchild Antiquity xxvii (1953) 100, Jocelyn Toynbee JBAA3 xvi (1953) 19.

1 Deuo
2 Nodenti Siluianus
3 anilum perdedit
4 demediam partem
5 donauit Nodenti
6 inter quibus nomen
7 Seniciani nollis
8 petmittas sanita
9 tem donec perfera(t)
10 usque templum [No]
11 dentis
13 (secondary text)
14  Rediuiua



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‘To the god Nodens: Silvianus has lost his ring and given half (its value)  to Nodens. Among those who are called Senicianus do not allow health until he brings it to the temple of Nodens.’
‘(This curse) comes into force again.’