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No provenance (Gloucestershire/Avon) B

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Author: Unknown

Authority: Roger Tomlin


Keywords: axe?


Irregular piece of sheet lead with a conjoining fragment, 69 by 53 mm, found(FN1) in c. 1983 in unknown circumstances. It preserves the left-hand edge and about three-quarters of the width of a rectangular tablet folded three times. Top and bottom edges have been lost, and the surviving text is damaged by three vertical creases due to folding. The text is inscribed in Old Roman Cursive (c. AD. 150 -c. AD. 275). The restoration of m[aie]statem (2-3) determines the width of the missing portion, which is confirmed by the likely restoration of si [puella] (4). One line of text, in addition to virtually all of 1, is likely to have been lost at the top.

(FN1) The tablet was offered for sale by B.A. Seaby Ltd in their Coin and Medal Bulletin, August 1983, p. 221 (V245). In appearance it resembles tablets found at Uley. The similarity of its formulas to those found in British curse tablets, especially at Bath (cited as Tab. Subs), guarantees a provenance in southern Britain. Mr P.A. Clayton made it available to RSOT.

1 . . .
n 2 amisi oro tuam m[aie-]
n 3 statem ut <f>furem (si) serv[us]
n 4 si a[nc]il (l)a si [p]uer si [puella]
n 5 ext[i]nguas . . ut illi s[c.4]
n 6 cias perduci [r]em ra[ptam]
n 7 [. . .]um et[. . .]
8 . . .

1 [c.4]l[.].[. . .]
2 amisiorotuamn[. . .]
3 statemutffuremseru[. . .]
4 sia.[.]ilasi.uersi[. . .]
5 ext[.]nguas. .utillis[. . .]
6 ciasperduci[.]emra[. . .]
7 [c.2]n[1-2]i.[c.3]umet[. . .]
8 [. . .]. .[. . .]


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[(?) To the god [name] (from) [name]. I give to you the [stolen property] which] I have lost. I beg your Majesty that you destroy this thief, whether slave woman (?) or boy or [girl], . . . (?) that you [force] him to produce the stolen property [. . .]