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Uley 1

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Author: Cenacus

Authority: Roger Tomlin

Publications: Britannia 10 (1979) 340-2, No. 2

Keywords: draught animal


Irregular oblong, inscribed short-axis in ORC on both sides (not seen), measuring 85 x 135mm folded. There are patches of corrosion, but the text is well preserved. Published in Britannia 10 (1979) 340-2, no 2, from an electrotype and here revised; the original has not yet been examined.

1 deo Mercurio
n 2 Cenacus queritur
3 de Vitalino et Nata-
4 lino filio ipsius d(e)
5 iument[o] quod ei rap-
6 tum est e[t] rogat
7 deum Mercurium
n 8 ut nec ante sa-
9 nitatem
n 10 habeant nissi
11 [[nissi]] repraese[n]-
12 taverint mihi [iu]-
13 mentum quod ra-
14 puerunt et deo
n 15 devotione[m] qua[m]
16 ipse ab his ex-
17 postulaverit

1 deomercurio uacat
2 cenacusqueritur
3 deuitalinoetnata
4 linofilioipsiusd
5 iument[1-2]quodeirap
6 tumest e.rogat
7 deummercurium
8 utnecantesa
9 nitatem
10 habeantnissi
11 [[nissi]]repraese[. . .]
12 tauerintmihi[. . .]
13 mentumquodra
14 pueruntetdeo
15 deuotione.qua[. . .]
16 ipseabhisex
17 postulauerit


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Cenacus complains to the god Mercury about Vitalinus and Natalinus his son concerning the draught animal which has been stolen from him, and asks the god Mercury that they may have neither health before/unless they return at once to me the draught animal which they have stolen, and to the god the devotion which he has demanded from them himself.