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Uley 5

 Latin text
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Author: Unspec.

Authority: Roger Tomlin

Publications: Britannia 20 (1989) 327-30

Keywords: bridle


Rounded rectangle trimmed from lead sheet which bears marks of hammering, measuring 70 x 72mm, not folded, previously published in Britannia 20 (1989) 327-30. Surface damage in the top left corner, but otherwise complete and in good condition. Inscribed on one side in ORC by a practised hand using an instrument which has sometimes left a thick line (W profile), perhaps a metal nib rather than a stilus. In this script o, e, and ligatured i can sometimes only be distinguished by context.

1 nomen furis
n 2 [qu]i frenem involaverit
3 si l[i]ber si servus si baro
4 si mulier deo dona-
5 tor duas partes
n 6 AFIMA sua ter-
7 tia ad sanita-
8 tem

1 nomenmfuris uacat
2 [c.2] ifreneminuolauerit
3 sil[.] bersiseruussibaro
4 simulierdeodona-
5 tor (over.) u (over n) as (over u) partes
6 afimasuater
7 tiaadsanita uacat
8 tem


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The name of the thief who has stolen (my) bridle, whether free or slave, whether man or woman, is given to the god ( . . . ) two parts from his wife(?), a third to (his) health.