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Uley 50

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Author: Unknown

Authority: Roger Tomlin




Three conjoining fragments of sheet lead, c. 91 by 39 mm overall, found in 1978 at the temple of Mercury on West Hill. They belong to one end of a strip of lead which was inscribed long-axis in capitals, before it was folded up. The whole surface of this tablet is badly corroded, and there is also damage at the edges and in the folds(FN1). The bottom and the left-hand edges survive, but the top left-hand corner is too corroded to indicate whether it is original or not, and the right-hand portion (of unknown width) has been lost entirely. Thus the original length of the text is unknown, but it may have been no more than the four lines which survive in part. They were certainly the last four lines, with some letters interlineated between the first two (as 1a). Continuous sense cannot be recovered, but there is a reference to stolen property (FN2).

(FN1) These folds have made it impossible to flatten out the tablet entirely, and the figure, by representing the tablet as if it were flat, omits the residual doubling at the folds where a width sometimes amounting to one or two letters has been lost or at least obscured.

(FN2) Visually the tablet resembles another Uley tablet (Britannia 22 (1991), 308), a 5-line text inscribed long-axis in capitals by another hand. Here too the object stolen, a gold ring (anulus aureus), is in the nominative case; and there is a variant of the rem(?) deus inveniat formula. That text begins: deo M(a)rti Mercuri[o], and [...]IO in line 1 here may be the end of Mercurio, but RID[.]SONAE[] defies interpretation even as a personal name.

1 [c.12]IORID[.]SONAE[. . .]
n LTELL[. . .]
2 ..ESVNTsus[pe]cti sunt inter [. . .]
n n 3 [.]LLVS[..]EVSRE[.]VMINVENETET[. . .]
n 4 lami[l]la una et anulli quator[. . .]

.   .   .
[c.12] IORID[.]SONAE[. . .]
LTELL[. . .]


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