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Uley 72

 Latin text
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Author: Honoratus



Keywords: wheels, cows


Rectangle, 76 by 131 mm, cut from sheet lead less than 1 mm thick, found in 1978 at the temple of Mercury on West Hill. The tablet, which is complete, has been inscribed in Old Roman Cursive (c. AD. 150- c. AD. 275) by a practised hand using a stilus(FN1).

The sentence-punctuation is modern and word-separation has been modernised. (The scribe separated words by elongating the final letter or by leaving a space, especially at the ends of lines; he divided words between lines only in 5 out of 16 lines, and always by syllable. He did not separate conjunctions and prepositions from the following word, nor possessive pronouns from the preceding word.)

(FN1) It is the best preserved tablet from the site, with a firm, smooth, brown patination but very little corrosion. The hole at the end of line 4 is probably a casting flaw (a ‘cold shut’). On the reverse are strange marks, short diagonal lines in relief, as if the tablet had been cast on an inscribed surface, but they are not mirror-image letters. After being inscribed, the tablet was folded six times.

1 deo sancto Mercurio Honoratus.
n 2 conqueror numini tuo me per-
3 didisse rotas duas et vaccas quat-
n 4 tuor et resculas plurimas de
5 hospitiolo meo.
n 6   rogaverim genium nu-
n 7 minis tu<u>I ut ei qui mihi fraudem
8 fecerit sanitatem ei non per-
9 mittas nec iacere nec sedere nec
10 bibere nec manducare si baro
11 si mulier si puer si puella si servus
n 12 si liber nis<s>i meam rem ad me
13 pertulerit et meam concordiam
n 14 habuerit. iteratis pr<a>ecibus ro-
n 15 go numen tuum ut petitio mea
16 statim pareat me vindica-
17 tum esse a maiestate tua.



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Honoratus to the holy god Mercury. I complain to your divinity that I have lost two wheels and four cows and many small belongings from my house.

I would ask the genius of your divinity that you do not allow health to the person who has done me wrong, nor allow him to lie or sit or drink or eat, whether he is man or woman, whether boy or girl, whether slave or free, unless he brings my property to me and is reconciled with me. With renewed prayers I ask your divinity that my petition may immediately make me vindicated by your majesty.