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Uley 80

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Keywords: gloves


Rectangle cut from sheet lead, 72 by 42 mm, found in 1978 at the temple of Mercury on West Hill. It is shallowly inscribed on both sides in an idiosyncratic Old Roman Cursive of third-century date, with seven lines of text inside and a concluding eighth line overleaf(FN1). After being inscribed, the tablet was folded onto the inside text five times. It is complete and, except for surface corrosion and damage at the folds, it is in good condition.


(FN1) The date is deduced from the ‘late’ ORC form of E, which is made in two halves, first a downward hooked stroke, then above it, two strokes at 45o to one another. The hand has two idiosyncrasies: (i) the scribe made the first two strokes of M separately, but ran the third and fourth together, usually with a preliminary downstroke (e.g. in Mercurium (1) or ultionem (3)); (ii) when he wrote LL in illos (3) and illi (4 and 6), though not in tollat (5), he added a descender only to the second L. The scribe three or four times repeated one or two letters in error, copying-mistakes presumably: see notes to 3, 4 and 6 below.

n 1 carta qu(a)e Mercurio dona-
n 2 tur ut manecilis qui per[i]erunt
n 3 ultionem requirat; qui illos
n 4 invalavi<i>t ut illi sangu(in)em [e]t sanita-
n 5 tem tolla[t]; qui ipsos manicili[o]s tulit
n n 6 [u]t quantoci<ci>us illi pareat quod
7 deum Mercurium r[o]gamus [..]..ura
9 q[.][2-3]lat.

1 cartaquemercuriodona
2 turutmanecilisquiper[.]erunt
3 ultionemrequiratquiillos
4 invalaviitutillisanguem[.]tsanita
5 temtolla[.]quiipsosmanicili[.]stulit
6 itquantociciusillipareatquod
7 deummercuriumr[.]gamus[..]..ura
9 q[.][2-3]lat
10 uacat


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The sheet (of lead) which is given to Mercury, that he exact vengeance for the gloves which have been lost; that he take blood and health from the person who has stolen them; that he provide what we ask the god Mercury [...] as quickly as possible for the person who has taken these gloves.