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Uley 78

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Keywords: money


Trapezoid cut from sheet lead, 79 by 75 mm, found in 1978 at the temple of Mercury on West Hill. Pieces have been lost by corrosion, including two holes in the middle, and the surviving text is obscured by corrosion products. It is inscribed on both sides in Old Roman Cursive. After being inscribed, the tablet was folded twice, and the resulting crease has badly damaged one line (a4) and apparently destroyed another (b4).

The transcription observes the scribe’s intermittent word-separation, which he marked by leaving a space before et male (a3), si liber (a5) and redemere (b2), or by lengthening the final E in sedere (a8), redemere (b2) and sanguine (b3) [contrast male faciunt in a3]. Note also that he avoided word-division at the end of a3, a7, a8, b2, preferring to extend the horizontal stroke (of T, C or E) to mark the end of the line. The only certain instance of word-division is per|mittas  (a6-7), although in b3 the question remains open.




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To the holy god Mercury. I complain to you about those who are badly disposed towards me (and) who are acting badly over (?) ... , whether slave or free, whether male or female. Do not allow them to stand or sit, to drink or eat, or to buy off these provocations(?) unless with their own blood ...