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Uley 2

 Latin text
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Author: Saturnina

Authority: Roger Tomlin

Publications: Britannia 10 (1979) 343, No. 3

Keywords: linen cloth


Rectangle cut from lead sheet (not seen), measuring 83 x 60mm, folded. Inscribed both sides in capitals, damaged at the folds and at the corners, but otherwise complete and in good condition. Published in Britannia 10 (1979) 343, no 3, from an electrotype and here revised; the original has not yet been examined.

n 1 commonitorium deo
n 2 Mercurio a Satur-
n 3 nina muliere de lintia-
4 mine quod amisit ut il-
n 5 le qui ho[c] circumvenit non
n 6 ante laxetur nissi quand[o]
n 7 res s(upra)dictas ad fanum s(upra)d[ic]-
8 tum attul[e]rit si vir si [m]u-
9 lier si servus si liber
n 10 deo s(upra)dicto tertiam
11 partem [d]onat ita ut
n 12 exsigat istas res quae
n 13 s(upra)s(crip)ta sunt
n 14 ACA quae per(didi)t deo Silvano
n 15 tertia pars donatur ita ut
n 16 hoc exsigat si vir si femina si s[erv]-
17 us si liber [c.2].[c.7].at

1 commonitoriumdeo
2 mercurio (over martisiluano) asatur
3 ninamulieredelintia
4 minequodamisitutil
5 lequiho.circumuenitnon
6 antelaxeturnissiquand.
7 resssdictasadfanumssd[1-2]
8 tumattul.ritsiuirsi.u
9 lier siseruussiliber
10 deossdictotertiam
11 partem.onatitaut uacat(?)
12 exsigatistasresquae
13 sstasunt uacat
14 acaquaepertdeosiluano
15 tertiaparsdonaturitaut
16 hocexsigatsiuirsifeminasis..[.]
17 ussiliber[c2].[c7].at


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A memorandum to the god...Mercury (over Mars Silvanus) from Saturnina a woman, concerning the linen cloth which she has lost. (She asks) that he who has stolen it should not have rest before/unless/until he brings the aforesaid property to the aforesaid temple, whether man or woman, whether slave or free. She gives a third part to the aforesaid god on condition that he exact this property which has been written above. A third part...what she has lost is given to the god Silvanus on condition that he exact it, whether man or woman, whether slave or free...