Other Tablets
The following tablets lack precise context information.

Marlborough Downs
A single tablet was found among a scatter of pottery and coins in the area of the Marlborough Downs, north of Marlborough and south of Swindon, Wiltshire. Extensive evidence has been recovered across the Downs for Roman rural settlement. At their southern edge was the Roman period small town of Mildenhall (Cunetio), at the junction of roads from Silchester (Calleva) to Bath (Aquae Sulis) and Winchester (Venta) to Cirencester (Corinium).

A small town on the north-eastern edge of Swindon in Wiltshire, at the junction of roads from Winchester (Venta) and Silchester (Calleva) to Cirencester (Corinium). From a possible military presence in the mid-first century AD, the town grew to its fullest extent in the late third and fourth centuries. A substantial guesthouse (mansio) for the use of travellers has been identified on aerial photographs and a number of timber and masonry buildings, serving as workshops and dwellings, have been excavated. No temple or evidence for a resident deity have yet been found. The precise findspot of the tablet is unknown.

The findspot of this tablet was within the mud flats of the river Hamble, which feeds into the east side of Southampton Water. Several other curse tablets, dedicated like the Hamble text to Neptune, have also been found from rivers, for example the Thames at London and the Little Ouse at Brandon in Norfolk. The nearest known Roman settlement to the Hamble is the small walled town of Bitterne, approximately 8km to the north-west.