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Pagans Hill : Introduction
Rahtz wearing excavation helmet / well excavation. (Shrines and Sacrifice fig. 3 )

Situated in farmland south of Bristol near the village of Chew Stoke, the temple and its associated buildings (ST 557626) were excavated between 1949 and 1953 during fieldwork in advance of the flooding of the Chew valley to create a reservoir. The temple site itself lies over a kilometre from the reservoir lake. Further smaller scale excavation took place in 1986. The notes of an antiquarian who visited the site in the early 19th century also provide useful information. The striking name of the hill does not signify a surviving awareness of the temple's presence but is rather the most recent version of a personal name attested as Pagnes, Pegnes and Peynes in a 19th century manuscript. No curse tablets were found during the excavation of the site but a metal detectorist reportedly found three here. After being made available for study, the tablets were sold on the antiquities market.

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